Conversation classes in English

Listening and Speaking Skills (face-to-face or online)

Improve your fluency with our conversation classes in English.

The majority of our students say that speaking and listening are the areas area they most want to improve. Because of this, we offer a Listening and Speaking Skills class that focuses only in these areas.

There are no books in this class. Also, we don't focus on grammar or writing. We use interesting, real-life material to encourage you to become more confident with English. Our conversation classes in English are extremely popular with students.

Many students combine this course with our General Standard classes. The classes are in the mornings and the evening. They take place either just before or just after a General Standard class. For example, you may decide that you want to study with Native English in a General Plus class (3 hours of General English and 2 hours of Listening and Speaking). Our timetable means that you could study in a General English class for 1.5 hours. When this class is over, you can then go to your Listening and Speaking Skills class for an hour. Doing this twice a week means that you will be studying English for 5 hours a week.

Book your free level test

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Level tests take 40 minutes, with both written and oral parts. You will be given your level straight away. The level test can be done online or at our Calle del Vinalopo centre.

Our Listening and Speaking Skills improves your communication ability in a fun and relaxed environment. We use a variety of resources including short videos, role plays, conversation question worksheets, topical discussion material, etc. These classes are a great way to build the skills necessary to succeed in English, be it for work, study or pleasure.

This class is offered at a variety of levels. The class is for 2 hours per week. There is a maximum of 12 students in the class (average 8).

  • €270/October + €220/February. *
  • Course material €20 - includes all material for the course. Course material fee is free if you are already signed up in one of our other courses.
  • We offer a 10% discount for the second student in the same family who studies with us, and a 20% discount for the third and subsequent family member.

* If starting after the course begins, price will be adjusted proportionally.

Listening & speaking timetable
Monday and Wednesday18:35 – 19:35€270 and €220*

* 2 payments: October and February. If starting after the course begins, price will be adjusted proportionally.

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