IELTS exam preparation

IELTS exam preparation (face-to-face or online)

We offer private IELTS exam preparation classes to prepare students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam.

There are two types of IELTS exams - Academic and General. At Native English, we have teachers who are familiar with both types of exams. The maximum score in the IELTS exam is 9.

The Academic exam is more common. Students who want to study in an English speaking country often need to do this exam. For example, a university may tell you that you need a minimum score of 6.5 if you want to study there. If you are planning to emigrate to an English speaking country, you may need to do the General exam. There are four parts to both exams - reading, writing, listening and speaking. Unlike the Cambridge First, Advanced or Proficiency exams, there is no specific grammar paper.

Our IELTS exam preparation class focuses completely on the exam. We explain in detail the 9 band score system and the different sections of the exam. Also, we help you to maximise your score with plenty of exam practice.


Book your free level test

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Level tests take 40 minutes, with both written and oral parts. You will be given your level straight away. The level test can be done online or at our Calle del Vinalopo centre.

What does our IELTS exam preparation course include?

  • 7 practice speaking tests.
  • We record 3 of these tests on video for you to see clearly the areas you can improve in. As a result, you will feel prepared and confident for the actual speaking test.
  • Exam techniques and writing planning sessions. Because of this, you learn specific strategies to help you maximise your score.
  • Expert feedback on your exercises with suggestions on how to improve.

You can do the IELTS exam as many times as you want. There is a monthly IELTS exam in Valencia. You receive your results approximately two weeks after you do the exam. So you never have to wait long to do the exam or to get your result.

IELTS exam preparation