Prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency exam

Prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency exam

Have you already passed the Cambridge Advanced CAE exam? Would you like to prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency exam? Maybe you have a very high level of English and want to continue and improve for work or travel situations? Our Cambridge Proficiency exam preparation course, preparing for the exam in June 2024, could be the course for you.

When Native English opened in 2012, students who had a B2 level of English had an advantage when it came to work and travel opportunities. However, in 2023/2024 the situation is changing. It is much more common to ask for a C1 level of English now. Because of this, if you can show a C2 level, you will be in a small minority that make you stand out from the crowd. So Proficiency level classes are now more popular than ever.

Why do students take this course?

Most students in our Cambridge Proficiency class have already passed the Cambridge Advanced CAE exam. The majority of students in the class will do the Cambridge Proficiency exam in June 2024. In addition, we also have students in this class who have lived in an English speaking country for many years and now want to make sure they keep their level of English. These students may not want to do the exam. But they do want a high-level English class with an experienced teacher who can help them to continue to improve.

Unlike our shorter, intensive B2 and C1 exam preparation classes, the Proficiency (C2) class will continue until June 2024. For students who want to pass a C2 exam, this given them time to prepare for the Cambridge Proficiency exam over a longer period of time.

Book your free level test

Check your English level with no obligation

Level tests take 40 minutes, with both written and oral parts. You will be given your level straight away. The level test can be done online or at our Calle del Vinalopo centre.

What does the Proficiency course include?

The course includes...

  • Full listening tests.
  • Example writing exercises. Your teacher will correct these writings to Cambridge Proficiency C2 standard, and give feedback on how to improve.
  • Reading and Use of English exercises. We do some of these in class, and we give you some to do for homework.
  • Speaking practice for all parts of the exam.

As well as all of this exam practice, we introduce real-life English to the class. Newspaper articles, TV shows, TED Talks, debates and discussions are a big part of this class and are especially relevant for students who need to use English in future work situations.

Proficiency timetable
Tuesday and Thursday18:45 – 20:15€395 and €360*

* 2 payments: October and February. If starting after the course begins, price will be adjusted proportionally.

Course materials €55 - includes class text books and all extra material for the course.