TOEFL preparation

TOEFL preparation (face-to-face or online)

We offer private classes to prepare students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam. In our TOEFL preparation course, you will work closely with an experienced TOEFL teacher. The objective of the course is to maximise your TOEFL score.

We focus completely on the exam. We explain the scoring system in detail and the different sections of the exam, and do plenty of exam practice under exam conditions.

The maximum score in the TOEFL exam is 120. There are four parts to the exam and the maximum score in each part (speaking, writing, reading and listening) is 30. Students who do our TOEFL course normally have a target score. For example, a University in the USA may ask for a TOEFL score of 95. Or an international company could ask for a score of 85 before they interview you for a job abroad.

The TOEFL is a completely computer based exam. Therefore, it is very important that you are familiar with the TOEFL software. This means that you will get plenty of practice under exam conditions, and you will feel very prepared before you do the exam.


Book your free level test

Check your English level with no obligation

Level tests take 40 minutes, with both written and oral parts. You will be given your level straight away. The level test can be done online or at our Calle del Vinalopo centre.

Our TOEFL preparation course consists of:

  • Pack of 3 introductory classes to do all parts of the test: €105
  • After this, we identify the remaining classes needed:
    • Speaking / Writing class: €35
    • Reading / Listening class: €15

After the introductory classes when we see what you current TOEFL level is, we will create a plan for you. This plan will include individual time with the TOEFL teacher when you focus on speaking and writing. It will also include time where you work by yourself on the TOEFL computers at Native English. This will help you improve your listening and reading scores.


Although students can do TOEFL preparation with us for as many hours as they want, students normally study for 20 hours. 10 hours speaking and writing, and 10 hours reading and listening is a common combination.

Preparación para el TOEFL