English for businesses

English for businesses (face-to-face or online)

English for businesses is becoming more and more important. Native English can help your business improve in this area.

We believe that it is important to do this in a cost effective way. We also want to minimise disruption to the normal working routine. For this reason, we offer subsidised Fundación Tripartita courses so that employees can improve their English. We'll come to your business and teach you. Morning, afternoon or evening. You choose the time and place that suits you.

These courses benefit workers, who acquire new skills. But they also benefit employers. Workers are more qualified and able to take on new roles to do with English.

Different companies have different needs. For example, you may be a CEO of a big company and you want to improve your fluency for board meetings. Or you may have to write emails to your co-workers or clients in English. Do you need to give business presentations in English? We are here to help you. And there is very little cost to your business.

Training for businesses

What does it consist of?

Through the Social Security system, all businesses can receive subsidised training courses. The amount available to each business depends on a number of factors. However, all companies have at least €420 available.

The bigger the company, the more credit it has.

The amount a company has is calculated annually. If a company doesn't use this money, it is lost.

A company has credit from the previous year. For example, from January 2023, a company can use credit it has from 2022.

Our courses

  • 1-to-1: Courses for one student.
  • General: Employees join one of the courses in our academy.
  • Tailored courses: We develop these courses specifically for the needs of the company.

What do we offer?

We organise different English courses so that employees can improve their language skills. Also, the company can benefit from the training credit that is available.

Remember - if you don't use this credit, you lose it.

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Why choose us?

Native English Academy offers a complete training service.

  • We carry out all the administrative procedures to start a course with Fundación Tripartita.
  • Native, qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Courses can take place either in your workplace or in our classrooms at Native English.

We also manage the administrative process from start to finish. So we do all the work. As a result, you can focus on improving your English.

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